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+ Company Name KRM America, , part of the KR Motors Co., Ltd. (Korea)
+ President Tae Kwan (Michael) Kim
+ Incorporation estalishment February, 28, 2005
+ Main Business Distribution of motorcycles, parts, accessories
+ Main Products Motorcycles, scooters, ATV, parts, accessories
+ Headquarter Address 5815 BROOK HOLLOW PKWY. SUITE C, NORCROSS, GA 30071
+ Web Site www.krmamerica.com  

Greetings to All, It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you as the President of KRM America; I have been managing the US operations since January 2016.

I have over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales for Hyosung motorcycles in Korea.

KR Motors has been distributing its motorcycles to over 60 different countries for more than 30 years. Now KR Motors is increasing their efforts to lead the motorcycle market in the US through KRM America with motorcycle, parts, and accessories distribution. KR Motors has made consistent improvements on the bikes and the full-line of motorcycles now have fuel-injection. Demand increases monthly for these performance driven bikes.

Our USA bikes' warranty is double the industry standard - two years instead of only one!

Our 250cc, 650cc & 700cc cruisers are the performance leaders for their engine size & the 650cc sport bikes are the price-performance leader ("Bang for the buck"); the naked (GT650) & fully-faired (GT650R) sport bikes are the best value in the US.

Despite being less expensive, KRM America's commitment to service means we continue to boast at least 90% parts fulfillment rates. USA Hyosung has warehouses on both the West and East Coast. US operations covers Canada and South and Central America.

I promise you that we are growing and strengthening our position in the USA market through passion and dedication; any economic difficulties, we will overcome all the challenges we face.

Thank you all in advance for your love and trust and willingness to grow together with KRM America.

With best regards,

Tae Kwan (Michael) Kim
President of KRM America

+ Company Name KR Motors Co., Ltd.(korea), holding company of KRM America
+ CEO Sang Yong Sung
+ Incorporation estalishment June, 05, 1978
+ Main Business Manufacturing of motorcycles, scooters, ATV.
+ Main Products Motorcycles, Scooter, ATV
+ Headquarter Address 28 Wanam-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea 642-715
+ Number of Employess 250 (as of January 2016)
+ Web Site www.krmotors.com

1978 - Established Hyosung Motors & Machinery, Inc.
1979 - Technical cooperation agreement with Suzuki of Japan
1985 - Selected as formal motorcycle supplier in 86 Asian Games
- Selected as formal motorcycle supplier in 88 Olympic Games
1986 - Established Technical Research Institute (R&DCenter)
1987 - Mass production by own technology
1988 - Commenced export to Japan.(FAMILIA 100, FR50)
1990 - Established separate Machine Sales Incorporation and Motorcycle Sales Incorporation
1991 - Complete the second factory of Daejeon Daesung
1992 - Separate service incorporation
1994 - Commenced export to Europe (Italy CAB50 export)
1996 - Cumulative production exceeded 1 million units
- Acquisition of ISO9001 certification of quality(Germany TUV)
1997 - Technology transfer agreement with companies in Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.,
2001 - Cumulative production exceeded 2 million units
2002 - Agreement for establishing JV with Yinsang, China
2003 - Separated from Hyosung Group through M&A
2004 - Conclusion of debt reconciliation & management normalization
2005 - Strengthening of Overseas Distributor Network in Europe.
- Cultivating Partnership with Asia, Europe
- Establishment of US sales incorporation
2007 - Hyosung Motors join into S&T Group
2014 - (March) Company name change to KR Motors Co., LTD
2015 - Appointment of new KR Motors CEO, Sang Yong Sung
2016 - Appointment of new KRM America President, Tae Kwan (Michael) Kim